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ManagersOnly - The active business lounge - offers a unique mixture of active sportsworkshop with "never can buy" feeling, InsideLeadership management development, a mental coachingcomponent and business Networking to executives, managers as well as entrepreneurs within our business lounge.

The businesslunch will offer excellent networking opportunities as well.

Number of participants: 8 up to max. 20 persons
Duration: 1 day

Fee per participant: 950,- Euro (plus. 19% VAT)

Date: 19.05.2012
Place: Bonjasky Academy
Hildo Kropstraat 2
1328 BC Almere

with K-1 superstar Remy Bonjasky

Below one can find the complete agenda and description:

Schedule of 1 seminarday:

  • Greeting and introduction of the docents
  • Greeting of the participants
  • Handout of the personal equipment
  • 1) active part: White Collar K-1 Workshop with one of the K-1 superstars
  • 2) Break: Business lunch, open discussion with the respective star & networking
  • 3) mentalcoaching tools presented by the star or Charley Heus
  • 4) InsideLeadership seminar:
  • Resolution and conversion of the active part to the leadership level of the executives, enterprisers and managers by Uwe Hasenbein and Uwe Schwesig
  • 5) End and conclusion of the event
  • Further discussion- and networkingpossibillities
  • Use of the spa of area (depends on location)

Included services:

  • Complete euqipment (will be lend) :
  • Boxing gloves
  • Shin guards
  • Business Lunch in the location
  • Complete set of photos (DVD) of the seminars
  • Illustrated book in memory
  • DVD of the active part
  • White Collar K-1 Workshop
  • Inside Leadership Seminar
  • Mentalcoaching Tools
  • Use of the spa area


  • pictures of the workshops will not be published
  • filmsequences will not be published
  • the participating persons will not be published
  • the companynames will only be published on explicit wish

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