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The Active Business Lounge

Welcome to our website!

ManagersOnly - The active business lounge - offers a unique mixture of active sportsworkshop with "never can buy" feeling, InsideLeadership management development, a mental coachingcomponent and business Networking to executives, managers as well as entrepreneurs within our business lounge.

For a couple of hours our business lounge seminars will lead the active enterpriser / manager as well as executives into the world of the hard fight sport K-1 or boxing.
In the active part he will feel the fascination of this sport by practicing it.

Furthermore we offer gohshinkan (spirit of the samurais) and golf.

May 2012 Gohshinkan with Executives from FBMA

In may 2012 we held a ManagersOnly (Gohshinkan - InsideLeadership) Seminar with FBMA executives in Iserlohn, Germany. Here you will find some impressions and Feedback (German).

The active part of the white collar K-1 workshops will be escorted in each case by one of the absolute K-1 superstars. Our programme accompany the 4-times K-1 GP champion Ernesto Hoost, the 3-times K-1 GP champion Remy Bonjasky as well as Germany`s best K-1 fighter Stefan Leko.

The second part of the active part deals with the aspect of the InsideLeadership program as well as the mental strength which is absolutely inevitable in order to achieve top performance.

Within the second part Uwe Hasenbein and Uwe Schwesig connect to the workshop held in the active first part and build the necessary bridge to
business management
and tools around InsideLeadership in order to be
able to transfer and execute InsideLeadership successfully into the daily business

In the mentalcoaching part either the fighters even with help of case studies from her own careers will cover this area, or it will be carried out by an absolute specialist:

Charley Heus, Remy Bonjasky`s former manager and physiotherapist who also took care of Remy´s mental condition.

Besides this he supports famous soccer players and different sportsmen.

Our workshops/seminars are held in exclusive high class fitness studios and lifestyle clubs.

In order to offer the best comfort and a really exlusive ambience to our clients, the locations are chosen very carefully.

The venues are located in central cities in order to make them accessible in an easy way.

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ManagersOnly - The active Business Lounge combines

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