Andrea Kelschebach

Andrea Kelschebach, born 26.10.1967.
Pertner of AK a c t i v e k n o w l e d g e UG


Since 1995 trainer and personal physical ability coach.

After several years of fencing she started boxing under supervision of " Herbert Willems ", a well known boxing coach located in Duisburg.
She was the first woman that was tought by " Herbert ".

Within her boxingcarreer Andrea made her way up to training- and sparringpartner of the female pro boxer Katrin Lopez. At the same time she started in different martial arts diciplines: kickboxing and tae robic kick bo with Alex Dergal in Gelsenkirchen, shaolin temple kung fu and
tai chi with Uwe Hasenbein in Essen.

In the year 2000, Andrea discovered the asian martial arts.

Several times Andrea competed very successfully at the international open SL Cup Andrea in kickboxing very successfully. Meanwhile she teaches different traininggroups in all sportive matters.

Andrea achieved trainerlicences in tae robic kick bo, tai chi and is active as trainer assistent in kung fu.

Together with her teacher and partner Uwe Hasenbein, Andrea also educated hundreds of security professionals and bodyguards for public services and private security companies.

At least Andrea got access to Gohshinkan, a japanese sword arts.


2. Dan Kickboxing
1. Dan Gohshinkan

What is important for me:

clarity, esteem, overcome borders, be open, to discern life, life`s opportunities not to be missed and patience.