Since 2006 K-1StarsLive® promotes workshops with fightsportstars. 2006 only a few participants attended the workshops. The label K-1StarsLive® was nearly unknown. Over several years more and more people participated the workshops.

Nowadays K-1StarsLive® offers workshops in a wider range of martial arts. There are workshops held in K-1/Kickboxing, Boxing, Muay Thai, MMA up to selfdefense.

Not only the groups of participants grew - more or less the acceptance within the world of media and companies was achieved. Sponsors see an important means to communicate their products to the targetgroup. In the early stage people from other European countries participated at the workshops - since 2010 K-1StarsLive® organizes workshops in 14 different countries. It doesn`t matter where the local partner is based, K-1StarsLive can access and provide the rendered services worldwide.

After more than 5 years many big names in the fighting world are K-1StarsLive® partners. Print- and onlinemedia report from the workshops continously. The participants like the high quality standards and friendly atmosphere at the workshops.

In 2009/2010 K-1StarsLive® signed into exclusive partnerships in Germany, the United Arab Emirates, Canada and Switzerland. Some more exclusive and non exclusive partnerships are in a negotiation stage.

2010 K-1StarsLive® changes from a pure promoter to more or less a global acting full service partner in fightsports & workshopsbusiness.

Partnerships with managers, teams, fighters and promoters strengthen K-1StarsLive®`s position in the market and it`s expanding plans.

In 2011 K-1StarsLive® will sign into even some more exclusive and strategic partnerships. In addition K-1StarsLive® offers and enhances the outsourcing of seminarmanagement.