ManagersOnly White Collar K-1 Club

You are a company, an entrepreneur, manager or an independent person and interested in our ManagersOnly White Collar K-1 Club ?!


Whom do we address?

We exclusively address the above mentioned addressees who like and want to participate at exclusive K-1 events.

Which K-1 Star is already member?

We offer:

  • VIP place or VIP table at one or more It`s Showtime Events worldwide
  • Guestappereance in your company (speech/activity)
  • Businesslunch, banquet, dinner with a K-1 Star of our club
  • Opportunity of exclusive privatetrainings
  • Exklusive Sponsorships
  • Exclusive autograph session
  • Exclusive incentives
  • Special conditions for our events

VIP Place or VIP table at It`s Showtime Events:

Our Partner: High Class Events - It`s Showtime

Membership requirements:

  • Company (Company membership)
  • Entrepreneur (Single membership)
  • Manager (Single membership)
  • Executives (Single Membership)
  • Privatiers (Einzelmitgliedschaft)

It`s Showtime Event Impressions:

It`s Showtime VIP Event Fotos by Ben Pontier 26.03.2011 Brüssel, Belgien

Membership fees per year:

  • Ehrenmitglieder per Invite
  • Single person 5.000,- Euro
  • Company membership as of 8.500,- Euro

Membership request

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